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August 2021
August 24, 2021

SiteLink Web Edition and SiteLink Merchant Services SCA/3DS (PSD2 regulation)

SiteLink Web Edition and SiteLink Merchant Services - UK is now offering an SCA/3DS compliant service to adhere to the PSD2 regulation being rolled out in the EU.

In response to this, RapidStor will be updated on the 24th of August to integrate with the solutions used by the SiteLink product family to allow RapidStor operations to conform to the new regulations.

On August 24th, Storable will be releasing their bi-weekly update to SiteLink Web Edition which will contain these SCA changes. At this time, they are not expecting to do a forced release so we recommend running the LiveUpdate on your computers as soon as it is available.

Your RapidStor service will automatically apply these SCA changes once the update has been released, so there will be no additional configuration needed by you.

Once it is activated, SiteLink Web Edition and RapidStor will process transactions in an SCA-compliant manner. This will impact the RapidStor functionality for tenants making online payments, as well as for new tenants' online reservation and move-in payments.

Those payments may now be "challenged" by the issuing banks for additional authentication. This means that their move-in process or online payment may be briefly interrupted by this challenge, which will fail if they do not provide the necessary information.

Storable will be sending an announcement email to all SLMS-UK users with further details of the changes.

Completed · 24 Aug at 12:30pm AEST